IronBull SixShooter Aluminum

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Image of IronBull SixShooter Aluminum

IronBull SixShooter

Breaching or Rifting in one easy to use EDC pocket tool! Easy Carry! In your pocket, on your keychain the SixShooter is here for you!

Breaching Defined : Brewching a Bottle or Can
Rifting Defined : Shotguning a canned beverage.

Available in Aluminum.

Machined, Polished and/or Tumbled. This item will/can patina over time. May contain surface scratches, tumble patina/rust or machine marks. Along with laser engraved markings IF engraved.


IronBull Slinger, LLC will not be liable for any damages arising out of the use of any IronBull Slinger,LLC product. By purchasing any item you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and know your local and state laws or international laws.

Drinking while your Slinger/Amigo is on your selected beverage is possible, however this will alter the taste of the selected beverage and is not recommended. IronBull Slinger, LLC

Do NOT use any IronBull Slinger product on any twist off Bottle.


Image of IronBull SixShooter Aluminum Image of IronBull SixShooter Aluminum